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Hi! I'm Cariss.

I am a wife and a mom (both the 2 & 4 legged kind). I work hard and play even harder. I make mistakes at times, but every step I take is just part of my story, not the final destination. Thankfully I am a child of God, because I live in this broken world like the rest of you.

My life's direction has changed courses several times already, and even though I would like to say that this is my last stop, it is not. It's just part of a bigger picture.


Perhaps the most exciting and scariest parts of my life are one and the same. Fear of the unknownThe challenge to believe without seeing, when everyone around us says "I'll believe it when I see it", is nothing short of a miracle in itself. I aim to have this kind of blind faith. 

Can you see the things around you and count them as blessings, even if they seem to have negative energy surrounding them at the time? Can you trust in God's perfect timing? I know I am still learning this as I go, so if you are like me and are trying to figure this life thing out, I'd love some company along the way.

The younger version of me always believed in God and His Son, even in stages of denial and rebellion. The older and more mature me (ha-ha!) realizes that the denial and rebellion was a misunderstanding of the situations I was in at that time.

The setbacks that I went through were meant as opportunities, not for resentment, anger or frustration. Maybe some of you didn't grow up with any belief in God and discovered Him later on. Maybe you are still trying to figure out what you believe and that's fine too! No matter where you are, I'm glad we find ourselves here together! I hope to inspire you, through showing you who I am.

Keep Smiling,

Cariss Cole

Gracefully Threaded, Founder

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