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Your Not So Basic Tee

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

There's nothing quite like a t-shirt. The name might evoke thoughts of the basic wardrobe staples that we have all love, but they are anything besides mundane. Originally t shirts were named after their shape, but modern tee shapes have since transitioned from their traditional boxy appearance. They are more reflective of personal style and taste, and yet, still have the iconic "T" shape. They are essential pieces to your wardrobe. Once you know what the most popular tee shirts are and why, you'll never go back to the basics.


Tee shirt materials vary greatly. Traditional full cotton is considered classic and known for its durability. I personally love hybrid blends of softer materials that stretch and are super comfortable. Burned-out materials start heavy and become lighter weight & softer, as a result of the aging process. Subsequently, burn-outs tend to need a cami or undershirt layer as they thin unlike full cotton blends. Some tee's can be inlaid with lace or crochet, while others are dyed and printed in patterns for extra detail. Clearly, tee's are a genre in themselves. Consider this more than casual attire, for example, as t shirts are found in every setting, from business, to fitness, to lounge. Styling them is key to perfect your look.

Here are a few things to look for the perfect t shirt...

The Most Popular Tee Shirt Styles

  • Tight & Tucked

  • Slouchy & Over-sized

  • Off of the Shoulder

  • Cropped Short

  • Tie Tight

  • V-Neck, Polo Color, Scoop Neck

  • Henley (AKA Collarless Polo HENLEY

  • Raglan (AKA Baseball Sleeves)

  • Long Sleeves

Statement Tee Shirts

Graphic Statement Tee

Statement tee's are in and here to stay! They are also known as graphic tee's, particularly, because of their images and words. The messages call attention to countless amounts of eyes. You display their messages everywhere you go.

Make your message count when wearing this style! Try to encourage and enlighten others with your choices. There are enough dark and heavy places in life, so choose to stand out, and let your light shine.

No matter where you go, try to spread cheer and positivity through these statement pieces. Others will notice!

Custom Tee Shirt Vibes

Equally as important as the style of your tee, and what is or is not printed on it, as these are the details that make each one unique. Altered t-shirts have more variety than I could possibly list here. Details truly make the clothing.

Particularly attractive, not to mention a must have for 2020, are characteristics that highlight sleeves details. This is something we've seen throughout each era to define the particular pieces, and we will definitely continue to transform and recycle over again. Another example of a custom t shirt feature would be inlaid lace, which you can find trimming vintage styles. Your options here are limitless.

  • Sleeve Details

  • Burned out Materials

  • Inlaid Lace & Fabrics

  • Vintage Soft (My personal Fave!!!)

  • Destructed

  • Custom Designs

What Does Your Tee Shirt Say About You?

Over-sized Long Sleeve Tee

Wear tee's almost anywhere. Most business and recreational settings allow them. For example, depending on the dress code required, layering with jackets, vests and even jewelry can really change the look of your outfit and the vibe you give off to others. Your possibilities are endless.

You can grab t-shirts from gift shops on trips you go on. They are novelty items, including most restaurants you go to. Free tee's are also handed out as prizes at events, like my "T-Shirts for Turkeys" Tee from the JOY FM's annual fundraiser. These tend to have a duel purpose of advertising and giving the winner a sense of victory. Most tees are purchased just because they grab our attention however.

All tee's are definitely not created equal. Their shapes vary greatly depending on the style they are intended for. Despite being such a fashion staple, you can completely change your look through the sheer varieties of t shirts out there, as well as, how you wear them.

Without a doubt, no matter how you choose to wear them, as a stand-alone top or with a layered look, take pride in their individuality. Now that you know some of the most popular t shirts, you are ready to explore the world beyond the basic tee.

The truth is that our favorite tee shirts help us express ourselves to others, perfectly, with out saying a word.

What are your favorite kinds of tee's and how do you like to show your style in them?

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