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Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Do you have a dream? MLK JR did. Everywhere you look around you others’ dreams have come to fruition. Someone had a dream, which they turned into reality. What is your dream? Is it big or is it small? “BUT...” you say... STOP sabotaging your own success! Stop saying you CAN’T and instead come up with as many ways as you CAN to make your dream a reality.

Dreams Can Become Reality

Henry Ford dreamed of an automobile so affordable that middle-class Americans could own one. In the process he also developed the assembly line, which led to mass production and mass employment. His dream created a ripple effect that was profound in the lives of others moving forward.

rip·ple ef·fect : a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or event

If Edison would have gave up 10,000 times before he was successful he would have never invented the automatic telegraph, the carbon phone transmitter, THE LIGHT BULB, the phonograph, the movie camera and viewer, the alkaline storage battery and so much more.

Story after story of dreams becoming reality can be found in everything around you.

Dreams vs Reality : The Easiest Way to Make Them Happen

"Just imagine how much you'd get done if you stopped actively sabotaging your own work." ~ Beth Godin

Today begins a new day and a new season. What are you going to do with it? My bags are packed and ready to go, my comfort zone has been left behind. Will you join me? You will never get anywhere if you don’t start, but you will also never succeed if you keep quitting on yourself.

3 Simple Reflection Questions to Avoid Self Sabotage for Success

The greatest proof of success is growth. In order to make your dreams a reality you must look deeper than the surface of your reality and figure out what steps you need to take to make your dreams become your reality.

1. Do you see noticeable growth in the areas your ambitions are leading you to?

2. In what areas do you see change in your current situation?

3. What habits do you need to change in order to grow beyond where you are at?

Taking a Break Can Actually Lead you to Success

If you want to live the life of your dreams you MUST learn how NOT to burn out. Maybe it’s time to take a moment... Ok, one was definitely not enough! Self care is needed to be successful. You must learn how to give yourself rest as a routine, not an after thought if you want to remain strong enough to accomplish your dreams.

I don’t know how many moments you have or how many you can spare, but I do know...

  • IT’S YOUR CHOICE. Your priorities are up to you.

  • Are you feeling fatigued or burned out?

  • Are your clothes fitting a little more snug than usual?

  • Do you find yourself saying “I just don’t have the time” to things your heart is calling you to do.

  • Are you “too busy” for yourself and others?

  • How often do you self reflect?

  • I give you permission. TAKE as many moments as you need. If you can’t afford any... then it’s seriously time to figure this out.

Overcoming Your Anxiety Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Anxiety can feel like a weight that we carry around. No matter how much we try to suppress it, anxiety is still lurking and waiting for the moment to emerge.

Feeling short on time is a perfect recipe for anxiety. Everyone has the same amount of time, but we don't all manage it efficiently. Learning how to plan your time. Making plans and setting goals will break things down to a daily routine that can help relieve this feeling of lack quickly.

Getting a handle on your anxiety will help you become successful, but first you must face what is making you anxious in the first place.

Consider looking at your caffeine intake also. High levels of caffeine actually increase anxiety, are bad for your heart and cause jitters. If you are consuming too much, step it down gradually, but make sure you are drinking plenty of water and exercising to increase your energy through the process.

If you lack motivation try to simply change your atmosphere. With the current state of things, it's easy to feel trapped indoors. Go outside. Get some fresh air, even if you have to put on 10 layers of clothing to stay warm, it will do wonders for your mind and your motivation. If you cannot motivate yourself try finding an online mentor that lifts you up and opens your eyes to possibilities that you cannot see in your current state.

Low energy is another common problem with anxiety. When we don't have enough energy to complete the things in our minds, let alone the things we HAVE to do, this creates tension inside of us. Try finding supplements and making dietary and exercise changes that will increase your energy and make it sustainable. Connect with me to find out how I went from no energy (with fibromyalgia ) to having plenty.

The biggest thing that is standing in your way is you!

In order to learn how to stop sabotaging your own success you must learn to deal with your anxiety and stress holistically. You must learn how to curb the cycle of self sabotaging thoughts in order to move forward instead of backward. Taking a break to care for yourself is a MUST.

The best way to conquer self sabotage is to begin searching for the root(s) of the issue. When we learn how to stop self sabotaging success is when we truly begin to succeed. You can‘t even imagine what will happen once you discover how to naturally overcome your limiting mindset.

Here’s your invite to the next step! Comment below and let me know what you’re dreaming of. 👇🏼👇🏼

Reach out for help or visit @gracefullythreaded for more inspiration.

I challenge you to take the next 30 days and set your dreams in motion!

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