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Key Nutrients : Quality You Can Trust

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Supplements Can Make a Difference

Nutritional Supplements

I have discovered that no matter how healthy I think I'm eating, my body is still lacking in some essential nutrients. A balanced diet can be hard to maintain as life passes us by. We all grab for quick hunger fixes and often times these items are full of unhealthy ingredients and anti nutrients. These choices leave us feeling fatigued and depleted and causing our bodies to crave even more fuel. Here are some simple supplements that I have found that have helped me combat three of my major pain points : joint pain, weight gain, and stress.


I only share products that I can fully support. If you like them and choose to purchase anything through my links, you are also choosing to support Gracefully Threaded and helping us to continue to grow.

A Search that Lead to Discovery

I have been on a constant mission for over three years learning to fine tune a lifestyle that allows me to live with as higher levels of energy and lower levels of pain. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia, about two years ago led me to discover alternative sources to treat my symptoms that didn't involve prescription medicines to mask what I was experiencing, but rather to change what was going on from the inside out.

Change is what helps us to grow and move forward in life. Even if you have not been diagnoses with a chronic illness, I am sure that there are some things in your own life that you would love to control better. For me discovering how to lesson flare ups and feel healthier overall was a no brainer.

Ingredients To Stand Behind

There are so many options out on the market it can be very confusing to know what works and what doesn't. I've tried and invested in many options up until this point. I have found that ingredients play a major role in my health. The less nutritious and less pure the ingredients, the lower the level that my body operates on, which in turn attributes to pain, the inability to handle stress well and hard to combat weight gain. Certain ingredients also cause more symptoms than they are worth, but that is individual for all of us.

Key Nutrients is a veteran owned company dedicated to help others improve their lives through their American made supplements. Each of their products are developed by holistic nutritionists, who use natural ingredients to help treat acute and chronic conditions. I spent two years experimenting with different companies and their products are worth the try. They pride themselves in using raw, pure, non-GMO ingredients that are free of chemicals. They stand behind their products and even offer a 60 day guarantee on your happiness and proven results with their products. They truly are committed to their customers and want them to see and feel the results of great ingredients.

My Favorite Key Nutrients

Multi-Collagen Powder

1. Multi-Collagen : I began experimenting with collagen to help ease pain throughout my joints and body after doing some research on pain management.

I have tested many different companies collagen's, and I promise you, they are not all equal. Several of the brands that I tried had a funny taste and most were not easily dissolved into the liquids I was adding them to. It's also hard to find a collagen that has I, II, III, V & X collagens in and biotin in one blend for the price.

Collagen has a few other really cool benefits, besides helping with pain, it also aids in joint and bone health, it improves gut and digestive health and promotes skin, hair and nail health. It has even helped to eliminate cellulite on my legs and bloating in my abdomen! They also have a Vanilla Collagen Coffee Creamer, but I as a tea drinker, I have not tried it. Using the recommended serving size in necessary to see results, I have also discovered. There are tons of recipes to use the collagen in, but I mostly add into my smoothies.

De-Stress Supplement

2. De-Stress : If you are looking for a natural anxiety support supplement that helps with mood swings, irritability and helps handle stress, without any heavy chemicals, this is perfect for you!

My rheumatologist recommended an over-the counter stress complex for me that had natural ingredients to help support and balance my adrenal hormones and combat fatigue, but was her brand was super expensive.

Stress and anxiety is something that I have struggled with for a long time. When I was younger Xanax would help me combat these things, along with occasional feeling of depression, but the side affects were not pretty. I found that the more I used it the more fragile my moods became, almost causing a ripple affect alluring me to continue to use it. One half of a tiny Xanax was all that I needed to feel the calming affects and my worries and cares were temporarily swept away. The side affects, however were real, I had a hard time functioning as it's use made me very drowsy and dizzy and clumsy and when it wore off, I often experienced mood changes and irritability.

De-Stress contains nearly identical ingredients to my doctor's recommenced brand at a fraction of the cost at only $17.94 for a 30 day supply. I have also noticed an increase in my energy levels along with a decrease in my anxiety and overall feeling of being stressed out after just a few days, without any of the side affects I experienced from the chemical versions. An added bonus... is provides my body with nutrients. Win win!

A Great Choice for Natural Nutrition Enhancements

Healthy Nutrition

I am proud to be able to support the great things that Key Nutrients has created and that have helped me on my journey to a healthier, more nutritiously and emotionally balanced life. Do your research, as did I, to determine if their products might help you as well.

I have heard really good things about their Keto products also, particularly their Strawberry Lemonade flavor and their Hot Chocolate if you are trying to maintain or enter into ketosis or are looking for a supplement to help you with exercise, weight loss and eliminating carbs for energy.

Check out their excellent reviews for yourself. If you decide to try any I truly hope you love them as much as I do. Please comment below and let me know how they are working for you.

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