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New Year, New Resolutions

Defining what resolutions are.
New Years Resolutions for 2022

As a child I always thought dreams were made of wants. That they were just overflowing with the heart's desires, both deep and shallow. With age I have come to realize that dreams are truly nothing more and nothing less of what I make them.

Every year we've been programmed to create New Year's Resolutions. These goals for our year tend to fade away as quickly as discouragements are encountered in one way or another. We are easily knocked off our path with speed and with seeming determination from opposing ( or sometimes not so opposing) forces. Sometimes we set our caliber to high in the moment only to find that we don't have enough to get to the end of the goal.

New Years Resolutions are nothing more dreams, that we form a relative plan to achieve.

Dreams are not things that you sit around and imagine. They are not what you are thinking about when you catch ourselves staring off into space. Dreams are so much more. They can be anything you want them to be, but only if you set yourself on the right course.

Ways to Actually Achieve You Resolutions You Dream Of

  1. Define the dream.

  2. Seek to understand the why behind it. The WHY will become your drive.

  3. Uncover the necessary steps you will need to accomplish it.

  4. Clear your path to rid yourself of distractions end quick exits.

  5. Set off to accomplish the impossible; an object in motion remains in motion.

  6. Anticipate set-backs so they don't catch you off guard.

  7. Remind yourself in each moment of your WHY.

  8. Celebrate the small victories along the way.

  9. Apply the lessons you learn through your challenges to adapt to reach your goals.

  10. Recognize that your dreams will continue to adapt as you grow and that's ok!

The harder the path you choose the more beneficial each step becomes. Nothing in life comes easy or free. There is always a price. A weight that once tips too heavy in one directions it must always be counteracted in order to stay balanced. This is just another thing in life to be prepared for.

Be ready, the only thing guaranteed in life is change.

There are people who will seem to be very big advocates for one thing or another. They will appear to be far to one side or another in most matters. If you stick around long enough, you will see their position change right in front of you. Happiness cannot be bought. It has a much higher price. Once that requires dedication, steadfastness, self-sacrifice and a positive attitude. Stay strong.

Life is Full of Tough Decisions & Endless Choices

Endless Decisions of Life Choices

Making a wrong decision has the ability to sour things you haven't even conceived yet. They have the ability to destroy our dreams before you even begin trying to set them in motion, BUT only if you let them! That's the trick. Understanding that you always have a choice to change, even when you feel hopeless or lost, but YOU must choose to activate it. If you define yourself by your successes or the world around you, you will ALWAYS be disappointed.

Making a right decision has the ability to help you reach beyond anything you ever thought possible. Right choices can also make us feel very comfortable and self-satisfied, but becoming complacent will never keep us there.

Your true challenge lies in deciding the right from the wrong. The compass that tells you how to judge these things for yourself and see how they impact everything around you must always be calibrated and ready.

Don't Let Emotions Be Your Guide

Emotions Shouldn't Decide for You

Feelings have a way of of altering your perceptions and your judgements. This force of emotions tends to be what you allow to "guide" you ( yes we all default here! ) typically causes you to make the wrong choices. In the heat of any moment, especially when being rational seems like a distant memory, is always going to be the wrong time to make a decision. If things feel pressured, that is typically your gut warning you that a rash and quick decision probably isn't worth the risk.

Everyone and everything is affected by each and every choice. Nothing affects just you. Some people refer to this as the BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Defined by Merriam-Webster as : a property of chaotic systems (such as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system. In short : even small changes can have major impacts on future events.

Emotional choices tend to be the ones you suffer the consequences for the most. Although they tend to seem right in the moment, remorse comes quickly thereafter. Right about the time you start second guessing your decision. Sometimes this happen immediately and sometimes it only becomes evident over time. Often resulting in regret.

Deep down you most likely know the correct path to choose, but all of the factors involve complicate things. Selfishness complicates things. True satisfaction does not come from doing for ourselves, it comes from doing for others. To receive a gift is always exciting, self-satisfying. Receiving makes us feel loved, accepted and appreciated. Giving a gift and seeing the joy in others soothes our soul and leaves us with a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Reaching Your Resolutions with a Bang

Dreams are not just made of wants, they are made through blood, sweat and tears.

Life will always have a way of throwing twists and turns into your path. In these It's in these moments of uncertainty that you truly learn who you are. Do you use our efforts to benefit yourself or to benefit others? If you pay close enough attention to these road blocks, you will get discover deeper meaning and answers for decisions that will be of greater and more significance to positively impact your future and your goals. These are the things that will determine where you end up on the journey.

The only way to navigate life it to take is as it comes. To live life to the fullest is to live it as it is, not how we want it to be. It's in the current moments that you determine what life will become. Resolutions and goals are amazing tools, but if you cannot manage the choices presented daily and use them to propel yourself forward, your dreams will stay dreams and goals will remain unfulfilled.

There are a million lists on how to set New Years Resolutions. There a million more on how to set goals and achieve your dreams. Good Housekeeping New Year's feature is 60 Best New Year's Resolution Ideas 2022. Oprah is a life guru to many and would love to "help" you in the new year. Her Oprah Daily site will help you with everything from Manifesting your wants and desires to Quotes and Mantras for Positive Thinking. The abundance of self help is overwhelming and can often fizzle out quickly with little lasting results in your life. The truth is, it's how you handle your mind, body and soul that determines how you reach your dreams and resolutions in this new year of 2022.

Your Faith Determines Where you Land In the New Year

Faith Will  Keep you on the right path

"What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring into the new year." ~ Vern McLellan

We do not have the strength, drive or anything else to succeed on our own, but God does. We can dig deep, think everything we need and want can be manifesting from inside of us, and in some ways this holds weight, but it only lasts a season. Circumstances greatly affect your inner manifestations.

You don't need to conform to any one else's standards, only God's. That doesn't mean everything will be easy. Quite the opposite in fact. Every challenge you face sets you up for something bigger.

So go at it head on with no hesitation. Your faith in God will help you reach your resolutions and goals. It will calibrate your internal compass to the correct path always. Your faith in God will carrying through not just the challenges that this new year, 2022 brings, but in every year you left. Resolutions based off of His goals will take you farther than you could ever imagine.

Keep strong in your faith and keep smiling. Let God be your guide and your resolutions will never let you down!

Have a happy and healthy New Year!


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