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Living Healthy Happens on Purpose

Healthy Living is a Journey, Not a Destination

Healthy Living is a Journey

So how exactly do we become healthy? There are many things that "healthy" is and there are also many things that "healthy" is not. Realizing that our outward appearance is not an indicator of our inside health, it still ties in with our overall vitality. If we don't feel good about ourselves our mentality suffers. If we are under too much stress, of any sort, this directly affects our physical health whether we realize it in the process or not. We cannot become healthy before we know how to sustain our energy and live a strong and active life.

Tips for Discovering What Healthy Living Isn't

🌱 Eating nothing but salads

🌱 Eating your feelings

🌱 Living in a polluted environment

🌱 Burning out from over doing

🌱 Giving up because it’s easier

🌱 Comparing to others

🌱 Blaming others

🌱 Isolating yourself

🌱 Living in the past

🌱 Ignoring your symptoms

🌱 Rationalizing your thoughts

🌱 Allowing stress to control you

🌱 Living in survival mode

🌱 Eating on the run without prep

As long as you are breathing, your journey shouldn’t end. Find inspiration and motivation Educate yourself to continually grow towards success in your daily life and in your goals. Pinpointing what is weighing you down, holding you back from moving forward, and letting it go with allow you to make room for what serves you well and then can begin to overflow onto others.

Discovering What Healthy Living Is

Learning to Live Healthy

Want to learn more about self care?

Becoming healthy isn’t a singular step, it’s a process, but you must take a step to get there, followed by another, and another, and another.

Your symptoms are not the enemy, their root is. If you want to be healthy, you need to learn what your body, mind, and soul are telling you and be ready to make as many changes as necessary to seek your optimal health. If you feel like this is a losing battle... guess what?! It’s not!

If you have a setback or even a flare up, it doesn’t make you a failure, it is just another step preparing of the process. If you have doubts, we all do! You have the power to control your thoughts. Don’t let them team up with your feelings against your progress. Your greatest successes will be determined by how flexible you are. At any turning point you reach, remember you are able to decide which direction you will choose to embark on.

Doctors are very good at treating symptoms and symptoms of side affects. Life threatening conditions definitely need certain medicines to maintain health. We can, however holistically heal ourselves from the inside out. So worth the effort to help our immune systems strengthen. Let me help you discover healthier living for your self, it's never too late to begin.

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Keep Smiling


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