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Jewelry Basics to Define Your Look

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Making a Jewelry Statement

Women with a black hat and statement rings

Accessorizing is easy when you know jewelry basics. Changing the look of an outfit can be as simple as changing the jewelry you are wearing. Accessories are equally important to your style as clothing choices. Plain tees can be dressed up or dressed down easily with this addition, as well as a day to evening outfit transitions. Packing for travel can also be simplified through these fashion tricks. Here are a few jewelry basics to keep in mind when choosing outfits.


How you wear jewelry also makes a big difference in the overall feel of the statement you are trying to make. Simple looks can be displayed with single or delicate finery. In contrast, you can turn up the volume and increase your vibes by layering pieces together. Showcasing intricate "costume" designs can really make your outfit pop.

Simple Statement Jewelry

Chances are you already own some statement jewelry. Pendants crafted in simple shapes, dripping from elongated chains and stating simple affirmations. Bracelets and rings, stamped with messages that visually speak. For example, elevated faith makes amazing simple statements pieces that can be used to accessorize the moment. In addition to their foundation in God and wanting to help spread the good word, ef purchases support Christian charities. Their jewelry is definitely a must have.

Long necklaces layered with shorter ones can change an outfit from simple to statement without much effort at all. Pendants in comparable finishes or shapes tend to pull outfits together. Stacked rings and bracelets stand out in contrast to single pieces, similar to wearing multiple necklaces vs single ones. A bolder option would be to blend varying metals and textures together. For instance, mixing gold and silver or smooth finished metals with hammered textures adds a bit of flare to an otherwise uniform appearance.

3Seams is a clothing and accessory company that is founded on the principal of everyday ethical fashion. Inga Swope, the founder of, began the company to help transform the lives of disadvantaged mothers from Nepal and Cambodia by teaching them artisan trades and paying them with fair wages while providing them with an inspirational and educational working environment.

Their Boho Twist is one of the coolest bracelets I have ever owned. It's handmade quality and natural layered look are awesome when worn alone or paired with other bracelets. I'm also in love with their Belinda Kerchief, and amazing head scarf that can be wrapped in so many ways and is a simple way to get creative with your hair.

Jewelry Done Just Right

Do be careful, however, in the selection of the paired jewelry as too much contrast can become gaudy quickly. While excess can be amazing for certain occasions, like Gasperilla Pirate Festival or Mardi Gras, it might be a bit of an overstatement for a night out at Jackson's Bistro. Always consider your surroundings to best judge how to accessorize in the moment.

Whether you go bold, refined, or even a bit provincial with your glam choices; remember confidence will always the room as you do. After all, your presentation of yourself is the best way to intrigue others. Alluring them to start a conversation can be the most vital way to begin your witness in sharing your faith without leaving them feeling smothered or worse turned off. I hope these simple accessorizing tips will inspire you to transform from jewelry basics to extraordinary looks!

Do you exude confidence in yourself to others? Is it easy for you to share your beliefs with others? How do you show them the hope you have in Christ? I'd love to hear about it!

Keep Smiling,


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