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It's Ok to Take Care of Yourself

When You Care for Yourself, Everything Else Follows

It's Ok to take care of yourself

Hi! How are you doing? How many times have you been asked this? How many times have you asked this? It’s such a simple question that we casually throw it out there and sometimes secretly hope that the answer isn’t weighty, because we are already “too busy” trying to deal with ourselves, let alone take on others issues.

Our answers to this question are typically quick and short. I ask various people, multiple times a day, every day this very question. Some variation of “I’m fine” or “you don’t want to know” are more frequently heard than, “I’m doing great!” Or “Amazing”. We often use sarcasm to divert attention from what we don’t want to focus on or face.

The phrase “it’s ok, not to be ok” has gotten a lot of buzz lately. Just as it’s healthy to admit that we aren’t ok, it’s also unhealthy to do nothing about it!⠀

If we are waiting until we “feel” like dealing with things, we never will! If we don’t act to make a change, the motion will never begin. So how are you really? Are you feeling overloaded, stressed or burned out? Is here more than enough time in the day to accomplish what you’ve envisioned completing?

The trifecta of getting “there” is learning how to care for yourself...

  • mentally

  • spiritually

  • physically

How to Care for a Healthy Mind

Stop Lying to yourself, the only thing that is scarce is your mindset

Living a healthy life and caring for yourself, is hard work. It’s easy to think that we naturally take good care of ourselves, but in most cases this is a lie we are telling ourselves. To become healthy we must first become aware of what is unhealthy in our lives. We must get rid of our limiting mindset.

Not even a weighted blanket can cover us and shelter us from the world or from ourselves, there will always be some force able to rip it off us and make us exposed and vulnerable once again. Becoming healthy is a process. It’s about becoming intentionally aware of your thoughts, your actions, and your habits and learning to manage them for yourself, your community and the world around you.

Being healthy goes way beyond the fuel we take in. There are many things we can choose to fill ourselves with. Both on the outside and on the inside.

Self care isn’t about overindulging, it’s about learning how to ...

  • eliminate stress

  • improve our mood

  • reduce anxiety

  • develop our relationships

  • establish boundaries

  • value our time

  • discover our beliefs

  • fill ourselves nutritiously

  • exercise appropriately

  • detox regularly

  • rejuvenate properly

Is what your life feeds on heavy and toxic or light and full of nutrients? How is your overall energy level? Let’s train our brains to think healthy, understand how to manage our energy to avoid burning out, and how to treat our bodies as if it is one of our most important assets, because it is!

Intentionally Caring for Yourself

Intentional Self Care : Holistic Wellbeing

Several weeks ago I planned a mental health day, ironically enough, the day I chose, turned out to be national self care day.⁣ I made a conscious decision to be intentional about needing an entire day of self care without knowing the significance of the day I chose.

It’s great to have a National day to celebrate this, or have a self care Sunday occasionally, but even more important to make it a regular habit. Whether it be a small part of each day, a designated night during the week, a time to detox over the weekend or a day every couple of weeks; self care is important!⁣

There is a big difference between self care and self indulgence. One helps us become healthier and the other provides temporary happiness that can deplete us.⁣

So when your 🔋 needs charging, maybe it’s time to unplug from things that drain your energy and recharge with things that boost your power moving forward. ⁣

Let’s eliminate self sabotage in our lives, together. Would you like to join me on a journey of learning how to master these things?

Click here to begin your healthy living journey.

Always love hearing from you, comment below, DM me & don't forget to share.

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