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Fall Must Haves

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Fall Fun

We find ourselves here again. That amazing time of the year that signifies another change in the seasons. Probably one of the most celebrated occasions of the year is fall. The transition that happens in Autumn, as I have always preferred to call it, marks the falling away of daylight and the warmth of summer. It reminds us of the fact that we are about to fall back into the cold and that more layers are required for the journey.

This remains true, whether you are in frigid north, preparing for winter or the subtropics and nostalgic for all things fall. There are always some must have pieces for fall. Listing fall must haves could truly go on forever with all of the varieties to choose from, but denim and tops are the perfect place to start. Check out some of my fave outfit starters for the season.


Denim Made for Autumn

I was a Denim Specialist and personal stylist for quite some time and if there is one thing I know. Its denim. I almost cannot imagine a time when there wasn't such a thing! Everyone's definition of the perfect jean is different, and no matter its quality, appearance or fit, it is how we wear the denim that makes it shine.

Fall Denim

#1 : Destructed Denim - by far the biggest and longest lasting trend in denim. This inspired look ensures that no one will ever have the same jean as you. The unique qualities of the exposed threads and the statement they create define this look.

#2 : Dark Denim - this timeless staple graces the stage with a subtle elegance that dresses up any occasion. Skinny, straight, boot, flare; there are so many different choices to mix and match with your favorite tops.

#3 : Colored Denim - a splash of color to infuse its surroundings. Deep oranges, majestic purples, earthy browns, mystic grays, mysterious teals, glistening golds and deep blacks. All are perfectly paired with tops of all sorts. Shades of white now find themselves acceptable by adding light to soften your look.

Top It Off with Fall Layers

#1 : Play on Words - make a statement that matters with this look. Graphics and bold words enter the room as you do. Play it up or down with accessories, over-pieces, bralettes, and much more. Some of my favorite t's are slouchy and over-sized, vintage soft cotton and bamboo blends. Their presentation depends heavily on how you style, tuck and tie them. Seize this opportunity to inspire the people you encounter. You won't regret you did!

Layered and Tied Top

#2 : The Sophisticated - define your style with chiffon, lace and crochet. Each fabric boasts a different feel, but this look is defined by softer and more delicate textures. This must have work necessity can easily dress up any pair of jeans or compliment

#3 : The Button Down - undone, buttoned up or tied. There are so many options to choose from. The perfect layer for this season whether in flannel or silk, tied around the waist or even tucked in loosely at the hip, you can’t go wrong. I often drape one over the side of my purse as a must have in case it gets a bit chilly unexpectedly.

What are some of your favorite denim features? How can you use them to pull your look together or rather, set your look apart? What are your favorite fall staples? How do you use them to build your outfits? Comment below!

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