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Escaping Negativity

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Cleaning Out Your Negative Baggage

Let’s be honest. We all have some baggage. Not just any baggage, but the type that makes us moody and anxious. Maybe even hurt, resentful or angry. As life goes by our bags get heavier as we continue to add to them. If we aren’t careful, they will either tear and make a bottomless pit for more, or overflow to the point where nothing else can enter. Learning how to clean out our bags will lead the way to escaping negativity in every area of our lives.

Every day, try leaving that day’s baggage at the door. Acknowledge it, face it, deal with it and get rid of it before you enter your home. Every morning, leave with an empty bag, expecting something amazing to fill it. Over time, you will notice your bag isn’t so heavy. This will begin to pay off as you and your relationships flourish. You might have to do this multiple times for the same things, but deal with them. Even if you feel like you’re in repeat. Don’t shove them in your bag for later because later creeps back up on you when you’re least expecting it. Don’t cripple your ability to hope and dream and love by allowing your baggage to a sit at your table and become full.

Don't Hold Onto Others Negativity or Your Own

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“And still, I rise.” ~ #MayaAngelo

If you haven’t noticed, let me catch you up... life is a battle. We are at war. Every area of your life: your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, your finances, etc., fights and conflicts both internally and externally. Don’t believe me?

Tell me a little bit about your stress...

1. How are you feeling?

2. Have you been emotional or tired?

3. What is your anxiety level like?

4. Do you feel inspired?

5. Burned out?

6. How often do you laugh?

Perhaps you are always full of energy and everything is always going your way. Oh yeah... you probably have unlimited resources and time too. Maybe your emotions and your feelings swing between the light and the dark instead of residing one way or another. Your thoughts are a major indicator of your overall mental health.

How you speak to yourself, the choices you make, the actions you take are up to you! If you want to be healthy, you must live intentionally. You must take care of yourself. You cannot neglect you. You must make up you mind, before the “thing” happens, who you are. You are going to get handed many boxes of darkness. What are you going to do with them? Will you rise?

Perception is Reality : Tips For Removing Negativity In Your Mind

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Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. ~ Charles Swindoll ~

We learn to be wise, by learning through those with wisdom and applying the lessons to our lives. Knowledge means nothing without application. Changing how you perceive things will also help to change how you react to them.

Here are a few simple things to think about...

1. When you meet someone new, what do you look for in them?

2. Are you overflowing with excitement?

3. Are you overwhelmed and only see how they are different!?

It’s up to you to control your thoughts before they control you.How we view things around us is entirely possible for us to change!

🌿If you need help with your perception, Contact me or visit @gracefullythreaded on IG

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🌿 Keep Smiling 😊 Always

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