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10 Simple Steps to a Successful Journey

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Genesis 24 allows us a glimpse into what a successful journey looks like. A faith filled servant following the guidance of their master exemplifies their heart behind their steps. Here are 10 simple steps to a successful journey. Through these you can to reach fulfillment and impact others with your heart also.

Want to learn how to be truly respected and successful? It's not earned by demanding it. Success is a path of acquired knowledge and wisdom. Life is a myriad of journeys, both large and small with a mix of both trivial and intense situations. Often times the uncertainty of unknown outcomes can tend to keep us stuck, use this simple and inspired technique to ensure victory in every journey you take.

God blesses us according to our hearts. These blessings come through our journeys and follow us into our future ones as we learn along the way. We truly are fully known by Him.


10 Steps to a Successful Journey

1. Don't Be Afraid! Fear is simply God's way of telling us to take action. Take the Journey of Faith, He will not let down.

2. Prepare Yourself for the Journey Ahead. Don't go in empty handed, bring necessary supplies and make a plan. God will provide the rest along the way.

3. Recognize the Signs, Don't Pass Them. Be open to possibilities and see the writing on the wall. Take notes and allow God to guide you to and through them.

4. Always Be Willing. To serve and be generous with what God has blessed you with. Our blessings are wasted unless shared with others.

5. Fill Others with Hope Along the Way. Use your blessings to bless others. Speak life through living your faith in actions and words.

6. Never Stop Praying & Praising! Go to God first. Consult Him before you move. Always take time to praise Him for His faithfulness and kindness.

7. Trust God Always. God will prepare the way for you. All you have to do is follow him, he will always lead you correctly. Even if you stray, He will bring you back to Him.

8. Wait for the for the Blessing, Don't Quit Early. It will not come in your time. God's timing is always perfect, don't quit too soon. You're not waiting on Him, He's waiting on you to walk with Him.

9. Live by God's Code of Ethics. Make an oath to Him live like Jesus did, this is pleasing to God and will bring you many blessings. Live as though your encounters are opportunities for others to also knows God's love.

10. Be Persistent & Committed. Indecision and delay can blur the lines of the journey. This can lead to in completion of your journey. Don't give up on yourself. God is always faithful to you.

True Success Lies in Every Step of The Journey

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Both our memories and hearts are shaped by what we go through and how well we handle things. The big reward at the end of the trip is often times a simple an invitation to the next voyage. Remember that true faith comes before the test begins, but never forget to praise after the challenges are complete. You must complete the proper steps successfully in order to climb to the next.

I would love to hear some things you have learned along your paths. Comment below!

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